Mistress Lee Foot Job

Mistress Lee Foot Job! I was teasing my favorite foot boy the other afternoon, when he popped a huge boner! I was lying on the bed and his amazing cock was foot level. Well, of course I couldn’t resist wrapping my soft soles around it and giving him a signature Mistress Lee Foot Job!

Then, I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping a few photos. I let him take over, since I was busy stroking him with my soles and toes. So there are some all time favorite “POV” views. We had to put the camera down eventually so I could finish what I started. Maybe next time…the CUM shot?


Suntan Pantyhose and White Pumps

Mistress Lee looking hot in her suntan pantyhose and white pumps!

This is an oldie but goodie for all my pantyhose and pump lovers. This gallery was done quite a while ago, but seemed to have disappeared from my site. So I’m adding it back for you all because it was a much loved photo set!


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suntan pantyhose white pumps

Imagine Mistress Lee working in her office, while you sneak peaks of her sexy suntan pantyhose covered legs ans white pumps! Naughty boy! Back to work!!!

Pretty Wintertime Toes

Brrrr…it’s been so cold in the Pacific Northwest! I was sitting in my holiday leggings with my feet up on the ottoman and I thought it was a great time to do some toe selfies! Enjoy this little gallery of Mistress Lee’s Pretty Wintertime Toes, taken by yours truly!

Mistress Lee’s Fetish Videos

Mistress Lee Video Clips

Mistress Lee’s Fetish Videos are the BEST. I love being in front of the camera to tease & torment. I know all about your fetish and I know what you want to see. So take your experience to a whole new level with my fetish videos!

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You’ll never miss out on the true experience when you have your foot Mistress in front of you any time you need me! 

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Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt

Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt

Mistress Lee is back and she’s hot (just like the weather) with her sexy pantyhose soles and butt! It’s too hard to resist a pair of pink, wrinkled soles covered by nylon. And why would you want to resist Mistress Lee? That nylon covered ass…teasingly showing a deep, dark crevice you would just love to explore! But only after you sniff, kiss and lick her sweaty soles. Heavenly, irresistible, womanly scented feet and butt. And BBW’s have the best butts to worship. The more junk in the trunk, the better. On your knees yet?

Mistress Lee’s Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt are ready to be pampered!

PH Soles and Big Butt- 1

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Mistress Lee has lost the pumps and now shows off her pantyhose covered soles and ass

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New Video-Pantyhose Dangle and Butt Tease

Pantyhose Dangle and Butt Tease

Mistress Lee knows what her pantyhose, foot, and butt boys want. She knows what they need. And she knows the sight of her in black nylons, stiletto heels is going to make you crazy. She dips and dangles those shoes and verbal torments you before slipping the shoes off. Then she turns around in her chair to tease with that full ass and soft, pink soles. You’ll want to deliver a load right on her as a tribute! But you must earn that privilege! (Full Version)

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Pantyhose Shoe Dangle

After a long break, Mistress Lee is finally back…and this time in pantyhose and dangling her shoes! If you are a pantyhose, shoe dangle and big butt lover, you will not be disappointed this month. This is the first of two galleries, and it’s all about the shoe dangle. Nothing sexier than a 5 inch stiletto pump dangling from my dominant feet. And wow…look at those full legs and ass poured into silky nylons. I hope you enjoy these pics and that you get so worked up you’ll need to call me and tell me all about how they affected you!

 Mistress Lee’s Pantyhose Shoe Dangle- Oh, those Sexy Nylons!

Pantyhose Shoe Dangle 1

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Mistress Lee dangles her shoe in black sheer pantyhose nylons

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Crushing Sausage Under My Feet

Mistress Lee loves to crush all kinds of things. Of course, if there isn’t a real cock around, crushing sausage under my feet is better than nothing! I’m putting up my second of three parts of my food crushing from the summer and I have NO MERCY on this red hot sausage. I just love the way it feels to be crushing a dick-like sausage under my feet. The grease just oozed out and lubricated my soles. It was so sensual.

To see me in action, go to my Clips 4 Sale page to buy my Food Crushing video: Mistress Lee’s Clips4Sale  Or just enjoy the pics!

Mistress Lee is smashing things up with her feet again and crushing sausage!

Sausage Crush

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Under my dominant feet!

Bare Feet on the Bed- Part 2

HELLO DARLINGS.  I know my bare foot lovers always need to see more of my perfect bare feet. Here is part two of my Bare Feet on the Bed photo shoot. I made sure to include some great from behind shots for you butt and feet guys. Enjoy!!!


Bare Feet On Bed-001

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more sexy bare feet on the bed

Food Crushing

 I love the feel of crushing food under my feet!

Summer is the best time to use my bare, Beautiful & Powerful feet to squish, squash, and crush fruit and plenty of other stuff. My first victim was a nice long BANANA. So ripe and easy to squish between my toes. The feeling isn’t unlike the feel of a hot load of cum just oozing up through them. Mmmmm, so steamy! Watching my powerful feet, ankles, and calves makes you weak, doesn’t it? Submit to Mistress Lee….that’s right, lay right under those feet and she’ll flatten you and whatever body part you dare to put in her way!!!!

Food Crushing- Mistress Lee’s way

Food Crush and Squish

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New Bare Soles Video

New Bare Soles Video! Mistress Lee is once again ready to tease you bare foot boys into a frenzy! She languidly poses on the bed showing off her pink, wrinkled soles. She points those dark purple toenails right in your face, spreads her toes for a good licking, and generally drives you crazy wanting her perfectly soft and very pink soles.

Mistress Lee feet are sexier than ever!!

Bare Soles on Bed

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Photo Gallery to follow!

Pink Pumps and Pantyhose

I love my new PINK PUMPS! They are so sexy, and it’s been a while since I had a new pair. These were a gift from G, a long time phone client. He knows the power that stiletto heels have over men, especially when worn by a strong, sexy, assertive (if not downright demanding) woman. So I pulled on my suntan pantyhose and this dress, which I think is wayyyy too short. I just posted a new video on my Clips4Sale store of me in the dress, pink pumps, and pantyhose.

Enjoy these hot photos which show off my thick legs and butt, and of course my new favorite PINK PUMPS!

Pink Pumps Pantyhose

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Smell My Sweaty Feet

Mistress Lee is the Queen of sweaty feet! For some reason my feet sweat…a lot. Especially when they are encased in nylons….all day…closed up in shoes… well, you understand! Wouldn’t you just love to smell my sweaty feet? Have me dangle that shoe, let it drop off, hold my scented nylon over your face? Of course you would!

I recently finished a new custom clip, which I know you sweaty feet smell lovers will appreciate. Here’s a preview of it and many others in my Clips4Sale store:


Sexy Suntan Knee Highs

Sexy Suntan Knee Highs on Mistress Lee’s beautiful legs and feet! Come on, get right up close and give these sexy feet a good sniff. She’s worn those nylons all day and they are just soaked with her heavenly scent! You know you want to worship Mistress Lee’s soft soles and sweaty nylons.


This is an older set that got lost, and now has been found! I hope you enjoy them, possibly for the second time around?


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Mistress Lee in her sheer, sexy, suntan knee highs

Mistress Lee’s Sexy Toes

Mistress Lee’s feet love to travel! Here is a new gallery of my sexy toes from my cruise last year with lavender toenails, and from a road trip in the Mustang with a deep scarlet red. I always have my toenails painted, and don’t they look suckable like that?

I love to put my feet up on the dashboard, which distracts my driver. But I don’t care…I love to tease with my sexy toes!!!!

Mistress Toes-001

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There is nothing sexier than a BBW with sexy toes who knows how to command her foot boys. Try a phone session with Mistress Lee tonight!

Reinforced Toe Pantyhose

Mistress Lee is wearing those sexy pantyhose again! You know the ones with that sexy reinforced toe that soaks up all her toe aroma….can’t you just imagine that scent right now. Watch as she slowly unbuckles the ankle strap stilettos and eventually slips off her shoes. You’ll wish you were right there under her feet, like a good foot boy.

Come and kneel at her sexy feet and beautiful legs

reinforced toe phose-001

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Stiletto Pumps and Nylons

Another gallery of your Mistress in her red stiletto pumps and nylons!. Oh, I really need to wear these shoes more often. These pumps make my legs look so sexy….and suntan pantyhose are really the best color for me. Don’t you love the way Mistress Lee knows just how to get you begging and drooling for her? Teasing my foot and nylon lovers is my favorite thing!

Stiletto Pumps and Suntan Nylons on pretty plump legs….so sexy!


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Pantyhose Giantess

Here is an older gallery of one of my Giantess/Shrunken Man photo shoots. The stupid dude snuck into my shoe while I was working at my desk. I captured him and make him my tiny little foot slave. He has to worship my PANTYHOSE COVERED FEET, then I sip him into my shoe and torment him even more!

PANTYHOSE GIANTESS demands her feet worshipped by the tiny man!



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Nobody messes with the PANTYHOSE GIANTESS!

Shiny Silky Stockings

Shiny Silky Stockings look fantastic on a pair of voluptuous legs and freshly pedicured feet. Watch Mistress Lee slipping into her new pair of silky thigh-high stockings with a generous lace top. They are so shiny and so silky soft and she loves the way they feel on her legs and feet! Even better, you can see Mistress Lee in action by going to her clips store, http://clips4sale.com/42711


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Mistress Lee loves her Shiny, Silky Stockings! Watch me slip them onto my sexy and freshly pedicured feet. You love it when I point my toes at you!


Suntan Pantyhose and Pumps

What could be better than Mistress Lee in Suntan Pantyhose and Pumps? I love the look of suntan pantyhose and red pumps. This photo set goes along with my newest video, Pantyhose Pumps Shoe Dangle. I love to sit looking down at my foot boys and just DANGLE that shoe until you DROOL!!!



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Don’t forget, you can get the video Pantyhose and Pumps Shoe Dangle at my clips store: clips4sale.com/42711

BBW Bare Feet In Stilettos

BBW bare feet in stilettos are the sexiest feet ever! And this is a photo gallery not to be missed. Mistress Lee slips her beautifully pedicured bare feet into some new 6 inch peep toe stilettos, and poses them in all the ways that put you under that spell. These are some sexy high heels and they are unique, which Mistress Lee likes because they remind her of herself, UNIQUE. She was sent these shoes by her money slave, Keven, who knows his place is to buy his favorite Foot Mistress all the shoes her heart (and feet!) desires.



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Boot Licking Fetish

Boot Licking Fetish is one of Mistress Lee’s favorite activities! Watch as your Mistress slips into her dirty black leather boots in these great images sure to make you drool. Mistress Lee knows the smell of the leather and dirt ground into the well-worn boots will get you to your knees fast! These boot licking fetish images are for my slave’s enjoyment. Envision yourself on the floor below me as you fantasize about me demanding you to get your tongue busy licking my boot soles clean!


Boot Licking Fetish Images


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Red Toenails and Bare Feet

Mistress Lee shows off her freshly painted red toenails. She loves to have her pedicures and red is her favorite color. You can bet when you see your her sexy feet with red toenails, Mistress Lee’s got teasing on her mind! So foot boys, the next time you happen to see a pretty pair of feet with red toenails at your favorite coffee shop, consider what that lady may have on her mind.

 Red toenails make a statement!

Did you know that your Foot Mistress gets weekly pedicures? What better way to pamper her perfect peds?  Don’t expect to see red toenails all the time because this lady likes to keep things interesting.  Visit often and track Mistress Lee’s moods throughout the year as you follow her toenail colors change with the season.


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Sexy Flip Flops: Flip Flop Fetish

Mistress Lee loves to tease all her slaves with her sexy Flip Flops. She knows all about your flip-flop fetish and how all you foot boys love the summertime with all the pretty girls walking around in their summer sandals. Take a look at my sexy bare feet as I playfully dip and dangle my newest pair of flip flops.  Flip Flop’s Rule!

Flip Flop Fetish-1

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Check out my bare feet in flip flops

Stockings and Stilettos Video- Part One

Stockings and Stilettos video Part OneIn this tease video, Mistress Lee slides on a pair of coffee colored cuban-heel stockings while she tells you how she’s going to wear them with her stilettos all day, then go out dancing all night. She torments you, knowing how much it excites you to watch her. Then she leaves you with your cock in hand as she rushes off to work! Watch this stockings and stilettos video on Mistress Lee Clips4Sale video store right now: http://www.clips4sale.com/42711

BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos

BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos:  For the best BBW Pantyhose phone fantasies, call Mistress Lee today. Catch Mistress Lee on her red hot motorcycle. Your favorite BBW Pantyhose fetish dreams have been realized!  Enjoy these smoking images of me as I pose in my sexy suntan pantyhose and stiletto high heels on my bike for you all to see. I’m not shy….I love showing off my full figure, and you love seeing it!

BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos

I know how much you fetish boys love looking at me in my pantyhose.  My sexy legs, feet and ass encased in shiny nylon for you to worship.  Give me a call and I’ll tell you all about how much I love to ride my motorcycle and turn heads as I go by with my full ass hanging off the seat!


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BBW Full Fashion Stocking Feet

Your BBW Mistress Lee’s feet in a pair of super sexy full-fashioned stockings. These are so sensuous to slip on my perfectly pedicured toes and soles and they have the full reinforced foot and toe with seams as well! I love to tease my foot boys in these silky nylons and I know you’d love to sniff them right after I slip out of my shoes. Imagine Mistress Lee rubbing her warm and fragrant feet right on your face. A foot man’s dream come true!

BBW Full Fashion Stocking Feet

There is nothing more sexy than beautiful feet and legs in sexy stockings. Full-fashion stockings are the sexiest ever. Especially right after I’ve taken off my shoes! Mmmm, smell that?

Full Fashion Stockings-2

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I love silky full-fashion stockings, don't you?