Red Toenails and Bare Feet

Mistress Lee shows off her freshly painted red toenails. She loves to have her pedicures and red is her favorite color. You can bet when you see your her sexy feet with red toenails, Mistress Lee’s got teasing on her mind! So foot boys, the next time you happen to see a pretty pair of feet with red toenails at your favorite coffee shop, consider what that lady may have on her mind.

 Red toenails make a statement!

Did you know that your Foot Mistress gets weekly pedicures? What better way to pamper her perfect peds?  Don’t expect to see red toenails all the time because this lady likes to keep things interesting.  Visit often and track Mistress Lee’s moods throughout the year as you follow her toenail colors change with the season.


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One thought on “Red Toenails and Bare Feet

  1. Hi ” i’m his girlfriend 🙂 I would very much love for your soft and wide soles to smother my nipples and massage them and pinch and pull them until I can’t stand it , I want your foot sweat massaged into my long nipples to make them stand out stiff, why don’t you do a photo scene like that ,with you taking off your red heels and rubbing and pinching some girls long nipples with yor toes 😉 while she’s tied up with your sweaty stockings in her mouth

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