Sexy Suntan Knee Highs

Sexy Suntan Knee Highs on Mistress Lee’s beautiful legs and feet! Come on, get right up close and give these sexy feet a good sniff. She’s worn those nylons all day and they are just soaked with her heavenly scent! You know you want to worship Mistress Lee’s soft soles and sweaty nylons.


This is an older set that got lost, and now has been found! I hope you enjoy them, possibly for the second time around?


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Mistress Lee in her sheer, sexy, suntan knee highs

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5 thoughts on “Sexy Suntan Knee Highs

  1. Hi Mistress Lee,
    I have just come across some hot(literally,haha!!)of your sexy hot,sweaty,smelly,super-stinky,aromatically heavenly-scented FEET!I am staggered by their beauty,especially in the glossy suntan nylons.I gaze at the
    symmetrically artistic way they encase your divine footsoles!Oh,how I would love to spend an hour of my/your time worshipping your soles after they have been trapped all day on a hot day in a pair of your already WELL-WORN Stiletto pumps or Stiletto Sandals!Can I dream on………………or bring my fantasy dream to reality…..PLEASE???

    • Thanks for commenting, Steve. So glad you found my website!!! You’ll have to dream on, as I have a forever foot slave now. But we certainly can talk about it. Call me for a phone session!

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