Mistress Lee Foot Job

Mistress Lee Foot Job! I was teasing my favorite foot boy the other afternoon, when he popped a huge boner! I was lying on the bed and his amazing cock was foot level. Well, of course I couldn’t resist wrapping my soft soles around it and giving him a signature Mistress Lee Foot Job!

Then, I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping a few photos. I let him take over, since I was busy stroking him with my soles and toes. So there are some all time favorite “POV” views. We had to put the camera down eventually so I could finish what I started. Maybe next time…the CUM shot?


Pretty Wintertime Toes

Brrrr…it’s been so cold in the Pacific Northwest! I was sitting in my holiday leggings with my feet up on the ottoman and I thought it was a great time to do some toe selfies! Enjoy this little gallery of Mistress Lee’s Pretty Wintertime Toes, taken by yours truly!

BBW Bare Feet In Stilettos

BBW bare feet in stilettos are the sexiest feet ever! And this is a photo gallery not to be missed. Mistress Lee slips her beautifully pedicured bare feet into some new 6 inch peep toe stilettos, and poses them in all the ways that put you under that spell. These are some sexy high heels and they are unique, which Mistress Lee likes because they remind her of herself, UNIQUE. She was sent these shoes by her money slave, Keven, who knows his place is to buy his favorite Foot Mistress all the shoes her heart (and feet!) desires.



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Red Toenails and Bare Feet

Mistress Lee shows off her freshly painted red toenails. She loves to have her pedicures and red is her favorite color. You can bet when you see your her sexy feet with red toenails, Mistress Lee’s got teasing on her mind! So foot boys, the next time you happen to see a pretty pair of feet with red toenails at your favorite coffee shop, consider what that lady may have on her mind.

 Red toenails make a statement!

Did you know that your Foot Mistress gets weekly pedicures? What better way to pamper her perfect peds?  Don’t expect to see red toenails all the time because this lady likes to keep things interesting.  Visit often and track Mistress Lee’s moods throughout the year as you follow her toenail colors change with the season.


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Sexy Flip Flops: Flip Flop Fetish

Mistress Lee loves to tease all her slaves with her sexy Flip Flops. She knows all about your flip-flop fetish and how all you foot boys love the summertime with all the pretty girls walking around in their summer sandals. Take a look at my sexy bare feet as I playfully dip and dangle my newest pair of flip flops.  Flip Flop’s Rule!

Flip Flop Fetish-1

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Check out my bare feet in flip flops

Stockings and Stilettos Video- Part One

Stockings and Stilettos video Part OneIn this tease video, Mistress Lee slides on a pair of coffee colored cuban-heel stockings while she tells you how she’s going to wear them with her stilettos all day, then go out dancing all night. She torments you, knowing how much it excites you to watch her. Then she leaves you with your cock in hand as she rushes off to work! Watch this stockings and stilettos video on Mistress Lee Clips4Sale video store right now: http://www.clips4sale.com/42711