Mistress Lee Foot Job

Mistress Lee Foot Job! I was teasing my favorite foot boy the other afternoon, when he popped a huge boner! I was lying on the bed and his amazing cock was foot level. Well, of course I couldn’t resist wrapping my soft soles around it and giving him a signature Mistress Lee Foot Job!

Then, I grabbed my cell phone and started snapping a few photos. I let him take over, since I was busy stroking him with my soles and toes. So there are some all time favorite “POV” views. We had to put the camera down eventually so I could finish what I started. Maybe next time…the CUM shot?


Pretty Wintertime Toes

Brrrr…it’s been so cold in the Pacific Northwest! I was sitting in my holiday leggings with my feet up on the ottoman and I thought it was a great time to do some toe selfies! Enjoy this little gallery of Mistress Lee’s Pretty Wintertime Toes, taken by yours truly!

Food Crushing

 I love the feel of crushing food under my feet!

Summer is the best time to use my bare, Beautiful & Powerful feet to squish, squash, and crush fruit and plenty of other stuff. My first victim was a nice long BANANA. So ripe and easy to squish between my toes. The feeling isn’t unlike the feel of a hot load of cum just oozing up through them. Mmmmm, so steamy! Watching my powerful feet, ankles, and calves makes you weak, doesn’t it? Submit to Mistress Lee….that’s right, lay right under those feet and she’ll flatten you and whatever body part you dare to put in her way!!!!

Food Crushing- Mistress Lee’s way

Food Crush and Squish

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