Suntan Pantyhose and White Pumps

Mistress Lee looking hot in her suntan pantyhose and white pumps!

This is an oldie but goodie for all my pantyhose and pump lovers. This gallery was done quite a while ago, but seemed to have disappeared from my site. So I’m adding it back for you all because it was a much loved photo set!


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suntan pantyhose white pumps

Imagine Mistress Lee working in her office, while you sneak peaks of her sexy suntan pantyhose covered legs ans white pumps! Naughty boy! Back to work!!!

Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt

Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt

Mistress Lee is back and she’s hot (just like the weather) with her sexy pantyhose soles and butt! It’s too hard to resist a pair of pink, wrinkled soles covered by nylon. And why would you want to resist Mistress Lee? That nylon covered ass…teasingly showing a deep, dark crevice you would just love to explore! But only after you sniff, kiss and lick her sweaty soles. Heavenly, irresistible, womanly scented feet and butt. And BBW’s have the best butts to worship. The more junk in the trunk, the better. On your knees yet?

Mistress Lee’s Sexy Pantyhose Soles and Butt are ready to be pampered!

PH Soles and Big Butt- 1

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Mistress Lee has lost the pumps and now shows off her pantyhose covered soles and ass

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Pantyhose Shoe Dangle

After a long break, Mistress Lee is finally back…and this time in pantyhose and dangling her shoes! If you are a pantyhose, shoe dangle and big butt lover, you will not be disappointed this month. This is the first of two galleries, and it’s all about the shoe dangle. Nothing sexier than a 5 inch stiletto pump dangling from my dominant feet. And wow…look at those full legs and ass poured into silky nylons. I hope you enjoy these pics and that you get so worked up you’ll need to call me and tell me all about how they affected you!

┬áMistress Lee’s Pantyhose Shoe Dangle- Oh, those Sexy Nylons!

Pantyhose Shoe Dangle 1

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Mistress Lee dangles her shoe in black sheer pantyhose nylons

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Reinforced Toe Pantyhose

Mistress Lee is wearing those sexy pantyhose again! You know the ones with that sexy reinforced toe that soaks up all her toe aroma….can’t you just imagine that scent right now. Watch as she slowly unbuckles the ankle strap stilettos and eventually slips off her shoes. You’ll wish you were right there under her feet, like a good foot boy.

Come and kneel at her sexy feet and beautiful legs

reinforced toe phose-001

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Stiletto Pumps and Nylons

Another gallery of your Mistress in her red stiletto pumps and nylons!. Oh, I really need to wear these shoes more often. These pumps make my legs look so sexy….and suntan pantyhose are really the best color for me. Don’t you love the way Mistress Lee knows just how to get you begging and drooling for her? Teasing my foot and nylon lovers is my favorite thing!

Stiletto Pumps and Suntan Nylons on pretty plump legs….so sexy!


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Pantyhose Giantess

Here is an older gallery of one of my Giantess/Shrunken Man photo shoots. The stupid dude snuck into my shoe while I was working at my desk. I captured him and make him my tiny little foot slave. He has to worship my PANTYHOSE COVERED FEET, then I sip him into my shoe and torment him even more!

PANTYHOSE GIANTESS demands her feet worshipped by the tiny man!



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Nobody messes with the PANTYHOSE GIANTESS!

Suntan Pantyhose and Pumps

What could be better than Mistress Lee in Suntan Pantyhose and Pumps? I love the look of suntan pantyhose and red pumps. This photo set goes along with my newest video, Pantyhose Pumps Shoe Dangle. I love to sit looking down at my foot boys and just DANGLE that shoe until you DROOL!!!



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BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos

BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos:  For the best BBW Pantyhose phone fantasies, call Mistress Lee today. Catch Mistress Lee on her red hot motorcycle. Your favorite BBW Pantyhose fetish dreams have been realized!  Enjoy these smoking images of me as I pose in my sexy suntan pantyhose and stiletto high heels on my bike for you all to see. I’m not shy….I love showing off my full figure, and you love seeing it!

BBW Pantyhose and Stilettos

I know how much you fetish boys love looking at me in my pantyhose.  My sexy legs, feet and ass encased in shiny nylon for you to worship.  Give me a call and I’ll tell you all about how much I love to ride my motorcycle and turn heads as I go by with my full ass hanging off the seat!


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